Monday, April 20, 2009

Protection of the Pulitzer? Nope

It was bound to happen: A Pulitzer Prize winner announced today is a laid off journalist (story here). He is Paul Giblin of the East Valley (Arizona) Tribune. The metro editor who oversaw the winning series (the co-writer was Ryan Gabrielson) for the Phoenix-area paper, Patti Epler, was another of 40 people laid off by the paper in October.

They and two other Tribune formers have put together the Web site Arizona Guardian, which covers politics and government. Remember that. It's important. It's where we're going.

The Pulitzer list is here. And, finally, grumpy old media critic Jack Shafer of Slate (a Web site, not a newspaper) has this eminently readable critique of the Pulitzers, capped by a marvelous suggestion of what to do with them in the future.

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