Friday, April 24, 2009

New River Voice Gets Non-profit Status

Tim Jackson's New River Voice, The Non-profit, is a reality. Here's his note today:

"Our legal paperwork is underway, and within a month the New River Voice hopes to have its non-profit status recognized by the state and IRS. Technically, we will have a nonprofit foundation that will, in turn, publish, but no need to get too specific at the moment.)

"We have lots of work to do: establish a board of trustees, finish writing bylaws and begin a fast and furious process of writing grants. But we could use some help right now.

"Please take a look at this link.

"If you know people who read the Voice or who appreciate what good journalism brings to a free and democratic society (especially in an area in which good journalism seems to be shrinking all the time), then pass along the link.

"We most need a few major financial pledges to jump-start the move.

"We're still about a month away from actually being able to take money (at least that would be tax write-off for the donor)."

Send contributions to :

New River Voice
PO Box 1411
Radford VA 24143

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