Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Studio Roanoke Opens To Full House

Writer Dwayne Yancey (left in right photo) and theater owner Kennard Smith following Yancey's permier play "Angel of Brooklyn" at the opening of Studio Roanoke (above outside and inside) Wednesday>

If there was any doubt that Kennard Smith's new theater venture, Studio Roanoke, would be successful, it was pretty seriously dismissed by the full house on hand Wednesday at noon for the theater's premier performance. Sure, it was a free lunchtime reading in a small theater, but every seat was taken and people were standing in the aisle.

Smith pronounced himself pleased and surprised after the packed house had filed out of the theater, which will be the home of experimental plays, music, lunchtime fare and No Shame Theater. The theater basically seats between 50 and 60 people and it is expected that its Best of No Shame presentations will quickly sell out (they're at 8 p.m.; No Shame Theater normally starts at 11 p.m.). The theater already has a substantial schedule for April and May (here's the schedule).

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