Monday, August 17, 2009

A Trip Simultaneously Back and Forward

Nick's Riverside is the building just ot the left of the Yorktown Bridge ^

A few observations on a lovely weekend in Williamsburg where Christina and I celebrated nine years together (tying my personal best for longevity in marriage).

Williamsburg is a strange place where we were transported to 1780 and 1980 at the same time. The 1780 is what all the talk is about, but the 1980 came quite by surprise when I determined that this city's cellular telephone service was designed by Ben Franklin. I spent the entire weekend cell phone-less (which Christina celebrated) because, as a bored hotel clerk explained "AT&T is new here" and so are a couple of other biggies and there simply aren't any towers. I saw one person talking on a cell phone the entire weekend. I'm not so sure how Williamsburg--with its extremely tight sign ordinances and an architectural review board from hell--would deal with normal cell towers. But right not, it doesn't appear to be dealing at all.

I also saw two--TWO--people smoking cigarettes during the weekend, which may put Williamsburg up to 2080. That is certainly progressive.

We ate dinner Saturday night at Nick's Riverside in Yorktown, the same great seafood restaurant I ate at 30 years ago on a visit to that gorgeous little riverside town about 30 minutes from Williamsburg. The food was pretty much the same (and I remember it 30 years later). I recommend it. That's the view (above) from the small beach beside Nick's.


  1. I remember my parents talking about Nick's. Dad was in the Army and stationed near Yorktown just after he and Mom married. They lived in Yorktown. I'm almost certain Nick's was there at that time, at least 55 years ago. I stopped in many years later, and seem to remember a mosaic of Neptune in the lobby. Nice photo, Dan. I, too, took a night shot of that bridge from almost the same spot, and ended up doing a painting of it.

  2. Beth: Oh, I'd love to see the painting. Dan