Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where Credit Is Due

We’ve been critical of The Roanoke Times of late for its often comic errors, but today, let’s flip a little switch and give some credit where it is due: to the business writers who have done some excellent work of late.

We’ll start with Duncan Adams, the solid veteran whose work always shines with intelligence, fine writing and one-more-step research. Today, his piece on the Coca Cola plant—which could have been eye-glazingly dull—fairly sparkles with relevance. I dropped Dunc a note the other day on a fine job of reporting on another story and I owe him one for this.

Jenny Boone’s piece on the sale of the Patrick Henry Hotel, a followup from a story earlier this week, was solid, informative and easy to read. That is an accomplishment for a deal as convoluted as this one (was it sold or not? What’ll happen with it? Who “bought” it and will money change hands?).

And finally, Amy Matzke-Fawcett and Jeff Sturgeon did a nice job on the possible sale of Intermet, the Radford foundry that is having some financial difficulty. Solid stuff that is of some significance.

Nice work, all of you. (Sorry I don't have photos of all.)


  1. Love me some Jennie Boone! The business section is always the best to read. I will also give the Times credit for their forums and online opinion Well done page.

  2. I thought Aaron McFarling's sports column Eye-opening summer (today's paper) was great, too. I've always loved Aaron's writing style.


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