Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For Sale: Easy-to-Park Car-Like Thingy

Tim Hogan showed up with this little gas-powered, three-wheel, 60 mpg car-like thingy (which is pretty easy to park, you'll note) at the Patrick Henry Hotel auction this morning at the Roanoke City courthouse.

Tim, who says he regularly drives the car between 55 and 60 mph on flat roads, recently drove to Pennsylvania and got 66 mpg. He says it has a 350-pound capacity and is fitted with a 150 cc motor (the same size motor as my scooter; it requires a driver's license to drive).

Tim says he rented one like it in Savannah recently, fell in love with it and paid $7,800 for this little baby in Miami. He has put 2,500 miles on it and has decided to sell it for $5,000. If you're interested, call him at 540-330-8827.


  1. Signnals3: Actually, it's a three-wheeler.

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  3. So, does it have a roof? Windows? What if it rains?

  4. Frankie: No roof. This is not an every day car, which is too bad. It's more of a toy, I'm afraid. If you drive to Pa., you'll probably get wet, sunburned and windblown.