Monday, August 3, 2009

No, That Gig Was Last Year, Guys

Becky Mushko, a Franklin County writer whom I've known for a while, caught the error first thing this a.m. in the Extra section of The Roanoke Times and rushed it onto her blog with the headline "Scooping Dan Smith." Becky's not always subtle.

It was yet another error in a high-profile spot, this time a "Bookmark" on the section front that suggests things to do in the near future. This one was a book talk at the Franklin County Library Book Festival that took place last year about this time and featured, among its speakers, Times culture editor Mike Allen (who writes for the Extra section), Becky and me. The error was repeated on Page 6 in the Books & Talks calendar. I'm hoping that this doesn't count against the publicity we hope for get next time we're really scheduled to do something.

My next gig is before a group of women writers (Pen Women, Becky included) September 2 at Mama Maria's in West Salem. I don't imagine The Times cares, but if it does, here it is.


  1. LOL! Becky doesn't miss a trick, does she?

  2. Yes, but not until next year. I love that Becky scooped you. hehe I will never catch their errors because I will never buy another Roanoke Times.
    The only time I miss it is when I want to spray paint something.

  3. Oh, Lisa. Classic line. Just classic.

  4. Dan, even I don't know which restaurant the Pen Women will meet yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do. We're really looking forward to hearing you speak.

    Lisa, the RL isn't as good for spray painting as it used to be back when the pages were larger.

    As for the RT, not only was last year's bookfest in today's print edition, but it was also posted online:

  5. Dan, your September gig is at Mama Maria's in West Salem. It's posted on the Pen Women's blog here:

  6. It's a very good Times culture editor.....more guys