Monday, March 17, 2014

Today's Quote: Backing Down to Big Meat

Here's your industdrial-style chicken dinner on the hoof. Appetizing?
"The meat companies and their lobbies spent $8 million in 2010 alone, just lobbying against this rule. That doesn’t include campaign contributions, that’s just paying people to take congressmen out to lunch, work the halls of Congress, try to convince lawmakers to kill the reform effort. And it was remarkably successful. It seemed that [Obama's Secretary of Agriculture] Tom Vilsack and his political appointees were really just caught off-guard by the fact that the meat industry would fight back. And the minute there was opposition, they started to retreat on their own initiatives, they delayed their own reforms, and they really gave the playing field over to these meat lobbyists who took full advantage of it. And the reform efforts were all but dismantled by the end of 2011.

"Which, in a way, left the big meat companies more powerful than they were before Obama was elected, because they showed that the federal government was really incapable of doing anything about this problem of monopoly power in the meat business."

--Investigative Reporter Christopher Leonard in Salon talking about his findings about America's meat industry, which are jaw-dropping.

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