Sunday, March 2, 2014

Greenway Completion: It's Still Five Years

Liz Belcher: Five years. Always five years.
My old buddy Liz Belcher, who has been shepherding the Roanoke Valley Greenway trail's construction since it started some years ago, has always had a standard answer for me when I'd ask, "Liz, dammit, when's it going to be finished. I'd like to ride all of it before I croak and that's coming up on us sooner than you think."

Liz's response was always the same: "Five years. It'll be done in five."

So, in today's local daily paper, we get that same question about the greenway from the estimable Eric Fitzpatrick, the best known local artist in these parts, and Eric says he wants to ride it before he  dies. Eric's a lot younger than I, maybe 20 years.

We get a long explanation from the paper's Tom Landon, who talked to officials in the three localities involved, but the last line of his piece (here), came to the same conclusion I've been getting: " ... you could be taking the ride of your life in less than five years."

Liz, you been talking to these guys?

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