Saturday, March 29, 2014

Photo of the Day Again: Faces of Marginal Arts

Marginal arts is about color, smiles and fun. All here.
My mama woulda said, "Brazen hussy!"
Kinda like maybe a good witch. You think?
Founder Brian Coonihan loves costumes.
Blllllllah, clown!
Clown full length.
I asked if the nose was real. He's not amused.
I like this one. The smile's real.
I have no words.
Keep your onions turning boys and girls.

Yes, it rained. No, it didn't matter. The chicken stayed dry.
Flower child half a century late.
To the barricades, boys!
No explanation for this paramilitary monkey.
Homemade? You betcha!
Dahlin' I'm suffering the vapors. Get me a julip.
How 'bout them thumb suckers; ain't they sweet ...
Beauty is in the eye of ...
Let's talk rainbow cattle here, hon ...
Hot dog! A parade.
Polly Branch always carries Earth Day.
The end. (I did not make this up.)
What we have here are the faces--and one behind--of the Marginal Arts Festival, a goofy little celebration of the arts put on by Community High School every year about this time, usually in the sunshine. Today, it was rainshine, but the shine was still there as you can tell from these faces of those weird enough to take the walk.

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