Friday, March 7, 2014

A Lovely Note About CLOG! from a Noted Author

Judy Ayyildiz
Sometimes book reviews are best when they're one-on-one.

My friend Judy Ayyildiz, an author with quite a resume (including the most recent Forty Thorns, an International Book Award winner) just wrote this note to me about CLOG!, which she finished reading last week:

"It held me from end to end. I can't believe that I even liked the football game descriptions, but the way you wrote it, I could understand and enjoy."

That's what I long to hear from readers who don't like sports, but are reading a book where a sport plays a role, and in this case, an important role in the development of the young protagonist.

Judy added: "Not all writers have enough finesse to pull it off like you were able to do. I learned something from it that i might put into my own writing in a situation like that."

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