Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New Adventure for Elizabeth Parsons

My pal Elizabeth Parsons (right), who served a stint as editor of the Roanoke Times/Blue Ridge Business Journal after I left two years ago (and got fired for her trouble, a true sign of success, considering the source) has a new job with Kissito Healthcare International, a sister of Kissito Healthcare.

In the near future, Eliz says she’s going to Afrida to help build a hospital. Here’s the note I got from her:

“A few short weeks from now I will be boarding a plane to Ethiopia to pursue Kissito Healthcare International’s #1 project: the construction of a 40,000 square foot hospital that will touch literally thousands of lives and deliver care to one of this country’s most remote regions, a place where the average life expectancy is just over 47 years old due to a complete void of health services, among other factors. The Minister of Health who oversees this area – over twice the size of the U.S. State of Maryland – called our project ‘the most important I have seen cross my desk in years.’”

Eliz will be on Bruce Bryan’s "Roanoke Valley Conversations" radio show on 101.5 FM (The Music Place) to talk about her adventure Sunday morning at 8. I’m truly happy for Elizabeth. She’s a jewel and this gives her a chance to shine.


  1. Elizabeth wrote a great article about Countryside for The Roanoker Magazine. I'll never forget her detailed article - taking my FOIA info and interviewing appraisers and developers that no one else bothered to do. It was not just dribs and drabs – it was THE behind the scenes factual story about the purchase and failed development.

  2. Thanks Dan! Just saw this. I can't wait to board that plane! All my best to you and yours. -Elizabeth

  3. Thx also for the kind words from Valerie!!