Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lively Social Media Session at Montgomery Chamber Expo

Your favorite editor can't seem to shut up.^

Now, it's Allan Tsang who can't stop talking.^

Always enthusiastic Anne Clelland takes a turn at the mic.^

Janeson Keeley wows 'em with her "how it works" schpiel.^

This was the view from my chair and that's Kate Jenkins of Blacksburg Country Club on the right and below.^

The Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce Expo's social media discussion this afternoon fairly crackled with expertise, none of which was mine.

I inexplicably wound up on a panel that featured Allan Tsang of 88 Owls; Janeson Keeley of JTKWeb and Valley Business FRONT's Internet columnist; Anne Clelland of Handshake2.0 and FRONT's Business Advice columnist; and Lynda McNutt Foster of Wheeler Broadcasting. They are all quite accomplished at the inner--and outer--workings of social media and what it means to business. I write a blog or two (or three, actually), which is pretty much the extent of my expertise.

In any case, the lively discussion ranged from inside baseball detail to philosophy to marvelous tips on getting the word out that you want out.

Anne, always level-headed and sensible, talked about ethics and the proper approach (which involves honesty), while Alan and Janeson looked at how it all works. Lynda, a marketing wiz, examined the viral nature of the Web and how it is used effectively by businesses.

I cussed a lot and talked about the old days when newspaper type was lead and men were wood. But I listened a lot and came away with some good info from these smart people. I hope the good people of the conference did, as well.

(Half the photos Tom Field; others--without me in them--by me.)


  1. Maybe you should help lead us away from this path which we've been led down: misspelling the name of a malleable metal once widely used in piping, paint and newspaper type. Put that in your lede.

  2. Anon: Thank you. That was sloppy. I apologize.

  3. I am obviously concentrating very hard on what is being said and furiously taking notes. Thank you for the shout out! Dan, it was such a pleasure meeting you... and the seminar was great. I can't wait to try some of the neat tips and tricks we learned.

  4. Kate: Hope you weren't taking notes on what I said. The others had a lot of value; I was mostly comedy relief. Thank you for being there.