Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Announcement for Our Friends

I don't know how close to flirting with the tacky posting a divorce announcement is, but I'll have to take that chance. After all, it is the age of the 'net and the important stuff starts here.

Christina and I were married 10 years Aug. 19 (a personal best for me in terms of longevity), but that'll be the last one. We decided several weeks ago that it's best if we live close and visit often, as the sage once suggested, rather than try to maintain what we haven't been very successful at for a while now. Some of you will be surprised because we looked so ... well ... like a happily married couple. We were happy friends, but marriage is a different dynamic and we haven't done that as well as either of us had hoped.

She's still my friend and I am still hers and that won't change. We have a lot in common that is a pure joy (she's one of the funniest people I've ever known; quick and multi-layered with the humor, a rarity for anybody) and I think we will continue to celebrate the similarities.

Don't feel bad for either of us. We have been enjoying each other's company more the past few weeks than the past few years and we've even been looking for houses together. I hope you'll wish us well and I honestly hope you won't feel that you have to make a choice between us as your friends. We can both be your friend, same as always.

We'll need your love, your support and your understanding. And your prayers, if that fits your dynamic.


  1. Yours is a very dignified approach to divorce, and your honesty and mutual respect serve as a model to all of us. Wishing you both the best.