Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goodwill's Second Runway Tomorrow Evening; Be There

Oh, my, boys and girls, tomorrow's the big night in the world of Roanoke Valley fashion and your favorite editor will debut as a runway model, a sort of whiter, older, shorter, more male Naomi Campbell (without the diamonds).

Second Runway is Goodwill Industries' fund-raiser that will feature a fashion show of its own fashions, which I heartily recommend. I have bought my shirts and an occasional suit (my favorite gray one, for example) at Goodwill for years. This is not just about saving money, though that's nice. It's about getting fine clothing (and I really mean that) and helping people who need work get it in a safe and nurturing environment.

The clothing at tomorrow's fashion show (buy your tickets here) is for sale and I'll tell you that from what I've seen of the selections, there are some gems waiting to be picked up. Some of the clothes are new; all of them are good. The show runs 6-9 p.m. at the Jefferson Center's Fitzpatrick Hall. Ticket's ain't cheap, babies, but this is a charity and it needs your support.

Show up and watch for the model/editor in the wedding party scene (with Donna Dilley as my wife). It'll be a hoot.

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