Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is She; Isn't She? Why Would Anybody Care?

Elena Kagan explains the "safe" sign in softball and shows her batting stance.^

It is fascinating watching various media outlets carefully and often uncomfortably step up to the salacious question of Elena Kagan's sexual preference. Reports generally begin in this vein: "The question is being asked--not by us, mind you--whether Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is a lesbian, not that it makes any difference, but ..."

It's the "but ..." that carries this ridiculous inquiry past the point of being funny in most cases, though it's truly difficult to retain a straight face in absurdity of the reporting. You can even argue that this post carries the question in its back pocket, creating interest where it might not have existed. To quote Robert Service, "I'm not denying it's so ..."

The NYPost wants to know how anybody looking like Kagan and playing softball cannot be a lesbian. Look at that hair. Bet she wears loose jeans with a wallet in the back pocket. And oversized T-shirts. And baseball caps. Turned sideways. The White House denies she is gay, then wants to know why you'd ask. My question: why answer?

This morning the Huffington Post asks the questions (here) and gives some answers, but none is especially appropriate, given the simple fact that it's nobody's dad-gum business except for Elena Kagan's.

Now, for a more important question: Why can't liberals get a justice on the Supreme Court, where four activist, wild-eyed, extremest right-wingers sit, waiting to empower corporations and strip every thread of freedom from your life? You can get Bill Maher's answer to that here.

(Photos from American Parchment.)

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