Friday, May 14, 2010

Darlene Burcham Was a Bargain for Roanoke

Darlene Burcham (center with red hair) cuts ribbon on the new Roanoke Police Academy, final official act.^

OK, boys and girls, it's time for your daily math lesson.

Former Roanoke City Manager Darlene who retired (at 65) from the city in March has been hired as an interim manager for the tiny locality of Clifton Forge (3,932 lovely souls).

As manager of the 85,778 population Roanoke, Darlene pulled down a lively $173,000 a year or $2 and small change per citizen. In Clifton Forge, her salary will be $19 per resident.

So, let's switch those numbers around and give her Clifton Forge's $19 for every Roanoke resident and Roanoke's $2 for each person in Clifton Forge. That would come out to this annual salary:

Roanoke: $1,629,998
Clifton Forge: $7,865

Looks like Roanoke got quite a bargain with Darlene, whether or not you agree with what she did overall. (Or, as one wag has already pointed out, maybe Clifton's getting the shaft.)

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