Friday, May 7, 2010

The Case Against Radford Tuition Increase

Former Virginia Republican State Sen. Brandon Bell says he is the only member of the Radford University Board of Trustees to vote against yesterday's 14 percent increase in tuition at a time when just about all state colleges and universities are looking at dramatic increases.

Brandon is a conservative and I'm not, but his thoughtful reasoning generally makes sense, whether or not I agree with it. Here's why he says he opposed the increase:

"The 14 percent covered much more than the cuts in state funding. The original proposal from staff was for a 12 percent increase. I was prepared to support the 12. Board members wanted it increased by more.

"By the way, if admissions is successful in bringing in 100 more freshman for next year, that negates the need for a bigger increase. But will enrollment be down by 100 because of higher tuition? At this point there is no way to know."


  1. Wonder if Senator Bell is aware that Radford University's enrollment has declined sharply under the current administration from more than 9,500 to less than 8,900. An additional 100 freshman wouldn't even put a dent in the lost revenue, when you also factor the 65 percent decline in private fundraising under the current regime.

  2. Brandon USED to be conservative.

    He hasn't changed - but the political spectrum has shifted so much farther to the right that in today's conservative whackdom, he's a smoker-hating, fellow-traveling freaking socialist pig.