Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cara Modisett Stepping Down as Editor at BRC

My good friend Cara Modisett will step down as editor of Blue Ridge Country magazine at the end of this month, ending an impressive run that has netted the Leisure Publishing product many state, regional and national awards.

Cara has done it with professionalism to be sure, but beyond that, she has done something so few upper-level editors are able to: she has remained gentle, kind, thoughtful and one of the sweetest people I've ever known.

She's pursuing an advanced degree in writing and will also be more involved in music, at which she also excels. I will let her tell you about it in a note she sent to me this a.m.:

"This is to let you know about some changes we are making at Blue Ridge Country magazine within the coming month. After May 28, my title will change to Editor at Large. This reflects a change in my work at BRC, as I leave my full-time position for part-time, in order to pursue an MFA in creative nonfiction at Goucher College (magazine writing focus). I'll be adjunct at Community High School, and doing more music and public radio.

"So I am not going away entirely! Over the last few months, we've been solidifying my new role with the magazine, and I'll be doing a combination of print writing, blogging, web editing (including supervising our blogs) and social media work. I will still be at this e-mail address, cmodisett@leisurepublishing.com, so please keep me on your mailing lists and in your address books. If he's not already there, please add our editor in chief, Kurt Rheinheime at krheinheimer@leisurepublishing.com. Kurt will, after May 28, resume the duties he held before me as primary point person for story pitches, photography submissions, events and press releases.

"After 12 years of working at Leisure and more than five years editing Blue Ridge Country, this has not been an easy decision to make. I'm very happy I'll still be closely affiliated with the magazine, contributing and watching it continue to grow, tell great stories and reach new readers. Thank you for your feedback, support and assistance over the years, and I look forward to staying connected with you in the future."

Cara will be the keynote speaker at next year's Roanoke Regional Writers Conference. More on that later.


  1. Not only is Cara among the most competent and professional editors -- it shows in every page -- she's also among the most articulate about the challenges magazines face in the 21st Century. And, almost certainly not incidentally, she's one of the most unfailingly cheerful people you'll ever meet.

    None, repeat none, of those qualities can be faked successfully for long. So she's also one the most genuine people you could ever hope to meet.

    All of which will stand her in good stead in the next phases of her career as they have stood her, her magazine, and her readers, in such good stead during her tenure at BRC.

  2. Dan and Keith, your words are kind beyond measure. Thank you both for your friendship and encouragement - I am excited about these next phases of life - these next months will be a huge change for me. It amazes me to look back over the last 12 years and see how much I've learned, and how fortunate I have been to be able to guide a beautiful magazine for a little while, explore these mountains, hear and tell unique stories - and, most valuable of all, connect with such wonderful people.

    I'm looking forward to staying connected with BRC, and turning it back over to its first editor, Kurt Rheinheimer, who inspired and shaped its first 15-plus years.