Sunday, February 16, 2014

Captain of the Snow Shovel Team

This is my friend Deborah Goglia, world champion snow shoveler. I went over to Deborah's house in the Cave Spring area a little while ago to help her finish shoveling her driveway. She did most of the work ... and this was work.

The snow plow finally made it down her street last night and piled up heavy, frozen snow in front of her driveway, which she had partially shoveled yesterday. The snow had to be broken up, then shoveled. We used a mattock to break it, a garden shovel to separate it and a snow shovel to get the lighter snow. T'was quite an operation.

Deborah proves beyond a doubt that one can be gorgeous and mucho macho at the same time. She can be on my snow shovel team any time ... as the captain.

1 comment:

  1. Snow shoveling through that concrete after the plow goes through is the worst part.