Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tudor's Biscuit World Closing Next Friday

Well, here's the worst news in a while for a whoooooooole lot of people:

"After 28 years Tudor's in downtown Roanoke will be closing next Friday. I want to thank anyone and everyone who watched my four children grow up in this place, who came in for the banter instead of the biscuit, or who came in for the biscuit despite the banter. I will miss you all."

-- Louis Tudor

The restaurant has become a victim of rising food prices, increased overhead in other ways and a declining number of people who eat foods like this, says Louis.

He has been an outstanding swim coach at Hunting Hills for a long time after being a star swimmer at UNC and his daughter, Erin, was a scholarship swimmer at WVU and my granddaughter Madeline's mentor. Good family. Good business. Good biscuits. A whole lot of people will miss them.

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  1. Sad news. One of our all-time favorite businesses when we had Roanoke SuddenValues. Good people, for sure.