Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Roadside View of the Virginia 10-Miler

Julius Kogo (in green) is going back while much if the field is still going out.
More Kenyans follow Kogo.
This is the view of the race from Leah's porch.
I spent the weekend at my Leah's in Lynchburg and was given an unexpected treat Saturday morning. Leah lives in the Rivermont section, which s a main pathway for the Lynchburg 10-miler, one of the east's most prestigious races.

I got to sit on the front porch and watch as Kenyans dominated the race (as you might expect) and to view a progression of 4,000 people running and walking various distances. They filed past, some quickly, some slowly, some smiling, others sweaty, miserable and grumpy. It was, as my old pal used to say, "the human cavalcade."

This was a notable race because the winner was a guy named Julius Kogo  who took a wrong turn last year and was disqualified, and the eighth-place runner was Elkahah Kabet, last year's winner. Between them were five other Kenyans. They were notable for their absolute quiet as they passed. They were like electric cars.

This one was also interesting because 10 runners finished the race in less than 50 minutes (that's a series of sub-five-minute miles) and 39 runners--two of them women--finished in less than 60 minutes. That's flying.

Interesting stuff, it was.

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