Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quote of the Day: Jim Webb on Obama

Webb and Obama
"We all know we have big problems to solve. This is not the time to turn over the helm of the ship of state to someone whose views on foreign policy seem awkward and uninformed, whose economic policies favor those who are already advantaged, and who does not seem to understand that many of those who need government assistance today want to live the American dream just as much as those who have already made it. That they don’t think of themselves as part of a culture of dependency, but maybe need a little help here and there so that they might say they are living in a land of opportunity.

"It’s six weeks before the election and we still don’t really know what Governor Romney wants to do as President. That should make you worried. On the other hand we’ve heard a lot about what Congressman Ryan wants to do. And that should make you scared."

--Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, campaigning for Barack Obama

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