Thursday, September 27, 2012

Asking the Candidates About Citizens United

I don't normally get involved in politically-motivated petitions, but here's one that caught my attention.

A group  called Free Speech for People is asking Jim Lehrer of PBS to ask of our two presidential  candidates in next Wednesday's debate their stance on Citizen's United, the absurd Supreme Court decision--opposed by more than 80 percent of Americans, across party and ideological lines--that opened the floodgates to corporate control of our elections by buying them outright.

Mitt Romney has said he opposes unions being able to contribute vast amounts, but has been mum on the corporate infusion. President Obama, a couple of weeks ago, said he was opposed to all that company money being spent to buy politicians. They both need to say what they think in this focused forum, where millions of voters will be watching.

We also need to hear what candidates for other national offices--people who will represent us--feel about this. It has been pretty well established so far that Republican officeholders overwhelmingly support the Supreme Court decision and that incumbents across the board are generally in favor it it because they perceive it gives them an advantage. Ever wonder why we all have such monumental disrespect for politicians? Google "Citizens United supporters." That'll tell you all you need to know.


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