Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meze World Cafe--One of Our Best--Closes

What a bummer! Meze World Café in downtown Roanoke has closed and now I’m down two eateries in a month or so (a whole lot more if you count all the restaurants in the City Market Building in Roanoke).

Meze was a little oasis of good, healthy food in a sea of salt, grease, flour and sugar (the four Basic Southern Food Groups). Its salad bar was as good as any I’ve ever eaten and featured a lusty helping of fruit and two delicious soups, potato feta and vegetable. It was owned by the same people who own Isaacs in Grandin Village, a mid-Eastern-flavored restaurant that is immensely popular.

I often took people to Meze for lunch and never heard a discouraging word about Meze’s food, especially the salad bar. Its menu, which could get expensive because each item had a separate price and no sides, was healthy, tasty and marvelously prepared.

I’m going to miss the restaurant, another victim of George Bush’s bad economy. As if I needed one more thing to blame on that bastard.


  1. Saddest news I've seen in weeks. Great food, great prices. If parking wasn't such a major hassle I would have gone there twice a week.

  2. Yeh it was Bush's fault that they closed. Your an idiot!

  3. Dan: Perhaps the person who called you an idiot should know that the word he (or she) was looking for was "you're" and not "your", eh?

  4. Janeson's DaddyOctober 21, 2010 at 12:00 AM

    Janeson you're an idiot as well, as is anyone else who thinks it is Bush's fault this place closed. There are plenty of other establishments making it in Roanoke. Thanks for correcting gramatical errors on users comments though. Eh you jackwagon!!!

  5. To "Anonymous" and "Janeson's Daddy" - At least Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck use their real names when they attack people who criticize a conservative politician for his or her policies and/or performance.

  6. Hey, all you Anonymouses: BUSH DONE IT! BUSH DONE IT! BUSH DONE IT!