Friday, October 23, 2009

The NRA Intelligently Gets to the Heart of the Matter

This is the ad New Yorkers just love^

The National Rifle Association is an organization that has been beneath contempt for a couple of generations, but I swear it has finally hit on something that would work for our country. The television ad it is running for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell (who's such an empty suit that I have to look up his name every time I mention him) would be wonderful in our nation's arsenal--if the courts would allow.

My suggestion is to play it for terrorists until they break down and spill their guts to interrogators. 'Course, this could be all over the Geneva Conventions--my guess is it would--but, hey, it's worth a try. Don't try and the terrorists win.

This screamer of an ad is perfect for McDonnell, a guy who makes George Bush look substantial. ... Uh ... Maybe not substantial, but certainly more ... something. The ad essentially assumes (probably with a certain amount of credibility) that American citizens are basically cowards, terrified of everything that moves, and that we in Virginia need Bob McDonnell and a very large gun to protect us.

The ad talks about a "they" who want to take our guns away without ever telling us who "they" might be. Couldn't be McDonnell's opponent, who has a too-high-for-me NRA rating (an A, I think).

In another NRA pro-McDonnell ad, it seems the threat to take your guns is New York Italians and Jews (Mayor Bloomberg) whom the ad says McDonnell ran off when New Yorkers came down here "threatening our Second Ammendment rights." That was the time Bloomberg asked Virginia to quit illegally selling guns to New York criminals, who used them to kill Bloomberg's people. He wasn't asking that Virginia shut down gun sales. He asked that it enforce its laws against illegal sales. McDonnell, the state's attorney general and the guy responsible for that enforcement, told him to jump in the lake. Nobody cares about dead New Yorker Jews and Italians. Just don't take our guns. We may want to form a militia.

There has been a great deal of dishonesty in this election, probably not record levels, but certainly a lot. It is refreshing to see the NRA take the direct approach laying bare its monumental fear of dang near everything that can be shot, its xenophobia, its hatred and dismissal of Jews and Italians and its firm belief that in Virginia it is in the majority with those feelings.

Don't you just love the way the NRA makes us all look so educated, wise and cosmopolitan?


  1. Conservatives come in lots of different shades. As do liberals. I find it almost impossible to put one group or the other in a box and say, "All Repubulicans are 'x', or all Democrats think 'y'".

    That said, I'll try anyway. I see a common thread among folks who call themselves Conservative, and the thread is fear. Fear of government, fear of change, fear of gays, fear of minorities, fear of the unknown, fear of religious diversity, fear of morals that don't match their own, fear of "them".

    Is my brush too broad? Or is there something to this?

  2. Chad: I hate to generalize, as well, but if the shoe fits ... Bush was installed in office out of fear and stayed in office by creating a depth of fear we haven't seen since ... well ... Reagan. Scare the shit out of people who are basically cowardly anyway and you can have your way with them. A courageous America--the one we think we are--would laugh at the NRA and its fear mongering. "Standing up for your rights" indeed!

  3. The ad was not tastefully done but hey I support the NRA and McDonnel. Lets face it the race is over and McDonnel has it in the bag. Lets see deeds thinks he can just ride baraks coat tails right to the governors problem...barak is a liar and an empty suit...the truth may hurt but its true!