Friday, October 16, 2009

No More Macaca Moments

I gather from a press release by Roanoke College abut a Lt. Governor debate next Monday that our political peeps are on guard against future Macaca moments. Since George Allen went down to defeat in a Senate Race against Jim Web a couple of years, partly because of his "macaca moment," which is being taught in college political science courses these days, politicians have been unusually wary of pocket cameras, phone cameras and all sorts of recording devices.

Roanoke College's press release warned members of the press that "The only filming of the debate will be done by WSLS cameras. No recording devices, including video cameras, are allowed in the room in which the debate will be conducted. Still photography will not be allowed in the debate room by anyone other than the VBA, WSLS, Associated Press and Roanoke College." That's a lot of control and we're only talking about lieutenant governor candidates.

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