Sunday, October 18, 2009

Greenway Connector at Carilion Proceeding Nicely

Looking west from pedestrian bridge at Carilion^

View toward parking garage from Carilion pedestrian bridge^

View from road back toward Carilion pedestrian bridge^

Even as city workers rip out the low water bridge a mile to the west, breaking the continuity of the Roanoke greenway, crews are finishing the important link in front of Carilion Clinic. These photos are from this morning.

The link has been a sore point for bikers and hikers for a couple of years and now will make the five-mile run from Wasena Park to the city's water treatment a one-piece stretch without the dangerous traffic hazard in front of Carilion.

It is a nice engineering feat, routing the greenway under the pedestrian bridge along a narrow right of way beside the Roanoke River. And, frankly, it's quite attractive. Still, we won't be able to ride the finished five miles (10 mile round trip) until after the low water bridge is replaced, probably March, the city says.

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