Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo(s) of the Day: Maddie and Me Go to the Ballet

Maddie wanted me to know she can pose like a dancer, too.
I know, I know. It's getting a little heavy on the wallet pix of the grandkid, but it's been a busy weekend for Maddie and me. Today, we did her first ballet. Thank god she's 6 because the dancing was awful, but the spectacle is made for a first-grader (many of the dancers, in fact, appeared to be in first grade).

Maddie and me at the tree.
In our seats
This was the Southwest Virginia Ballet's annual  "Show Mama What You Learned This Year (in Two Minutes or Less) and Help Us Raise a Heap of Money" extravaganza. "The Nutcracker," I think, was the official title.

Maddie loved every minute of it and so did a lot of other people in the awkwardly over-appreciative crowd. Seems every time somebody didn't fall, there was an ovation. Ah, life with little kids.

We have Maddie's choral performance at her school Tuesday and my guess is I'll be just like the people clapping tonight. Guess that's what it's about.


  1. Awwwwwww -- that will be the ballet she remembers best, I bet. You both look swell, and gave me a nice smile this morning.

    Only thing is, how is the time going by so fast? Maddie looks so grown up!

  2. She's my joy, my man. My absolute joy. We need to get together before Xmas.