Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cheetah's Dead, but Jane Looks Great Naked

That nice butt belongs to Jane (Maureen O'Sullivan) from the censored scene
Some of us oldtimers, who didn't know that Cheetah was just a baby chimp and that when grown he'd be meaner than a Tea Partier on April 15, note the old boy's passing. Chimps live a long time.

Cheetah, of course, was the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan sidekick, the same Tarzan who swam naked in "Tarzan and His Mate" in 1934. At the time, individual states had the say-so about censorship. Shortly thereafter, the Hayes Commission took all sex out of American movies and made them faux virtuous--except for all the killing and general mayhem.

Here's a look at the Tarzan nude scene, which right-wingers forced off the screen and into a vault for many years (but they let Cheetah stay up there for us to admire, bless 'em). Jane, you will note, has a nice ass.

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