Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photo of the Day, Too: Mugging at the Hotel Roanoke

The Civil War was when?
Smile competition.
This means love and peace, right Pampa?
OK, you want tired or bored?
How 'bout this instead?
No, it's just pretend piano.
Madeline, her buddy Grace and I went to the Hotel Roanoke today to see the Christmas trees and these two six-year-olds had a grand time mugging for my new Canon camera (which I've wanted for some time; my Nikons just won't shoot in low light). Pretty good shooting and the kids had a blast with the trees, then over at City Market Building where they stuffed on the Grand Old American Meal: cheesburger, fries, Coke. Not so healthy, but this wasn't about health. It was about us having fun. And we did.

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