Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Disrpution of Giant Proportion on Edinburgh Dr.

This is my yard at 3 p.m. today. The boys from Roanoke's water department have been working on the street and pipes under it since around the first of May (they were scheduled to finish May 31, but they're not even close). They came closer home today.

Apparently when the pipes were put into this neighborhood (which was built in the late 1940s), they were linked to the houses from the main in something of a random fashion and my outlet is in my neighbor's driveway. that seems to be common here and the city wants to correct it. Apparently the pipes are pretty clogged, too.

And, yes, I knew they were coming into the yard, but I hadn't counted on them digging up my prized hydrangea and setting it to the side. I've been pampering that baby for months trying to coax one of those gorgeous blue flowers from it. Now, my guess it'll be next year before it comes, if it comes at all. Dang.

But the City's boys have been thoughtful, courteous and willing to do what they can to accommodate those of us on the block. They have a lot of equipment parked here and it's noisy from 7:30 to about 3:30 every day. When it's not noisy, my neighbor takes the opportunity to mow her lawn and create a little excitement.

It'll be over soon, I keep saying. Soon.

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