Monday, June 13, 2011

The Brennan Energy Healing Method Works for My Back

Christine Ward: Energy healer
Some time back I mentioned my friend Christine Ward's Energy Healing practice as something that might work for those of you with a variety of disruptions ranging from depression to torn muscles. Christine graduated in something called the Brennan Healing method about a year ago and has been laying her hands on patients with some success.

Yesterday, she lay them on me. And I feel good! to quote my buddy James Brown. I'm not quite sure how this works because it seems to be so passive, but in a very quiet room I lay on a massage table and she put her hands in specific spots for about an hour and the muscles I pulled in my back last week felt immeasurably better. They feel good again this morning.

Christine, a registered critical care nurse with a spotless reputation, got into this practice because she believes some alternative medicines improve upon what we do in the traditional sense and this specific treatment helped with some problems she was having. She's one of the sharpest people I know and I can promise you she wouldn't waste her time on frivolous alternative medical procedures.

If you want to give her a try, she's at 540-521-1360 or Her practice is in the building next door to Grandin Gardens on Grandin Road in Raleigh Court.

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