Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Worst of the Worst American Companies

And the winner is ... American Airlines! has just compiled and released its list of the worst 15 companies in the USofA and at the top is American Airlines, whose customer service as rated as abysmal. You can find the entire list with details about how it was formed and why the companies made it here. Meanwhile, here are some highlights (and the list):
  1. American Airlines. Bad customer service, bad on-time record.
  2. Nokia. Its Smartphone sucks.
  3. Toyota. Wrecks, recalls, denials of responsibility.
  4. Best Buy. Bad stores, worse Web site.
  5. Charter Communications. Bad billing practices. Poor customer service.
  6. Citigroup. One of THOSE banks.
  7. AT&T. Let us count the ways, starting with being the worst--the very worst--cell phone service provider.
  8. Bank of America. Low customer service satisfaction. Bailout.
  9. Dell. It's laptop ranks last and it sold defective PCs, knowing they were bad.
  10. Dish Network. Surprise fees in your bill. Approval rating of 22 percent among employees.
  11. Johnson & Johnson. Sold bad drugs and resisted recalling them.
  12. McDonald's. Obesity central. "Let's make children fat" corporate policy reminds of cigarette companies hooking kids.
  13. United Airlines. Customer service nightmare. Satisfaction lowest among airlines (and that, kids, is low).
  14. BP. The very letters bring shudders of contempt.
  15. Direct TV. Surprise fees, automatic contract extensions when hardware is added, annoying telemarketing.
The surprise is that there are no cigarette companies on the list, no media companies (including Fox News and Rush Limbaugh's EIB Network, which I would have put near the top or the daily newspaper in Roanoke) and just one oil company--no American oil; BP is British.

I was surprised at the number of communications companies (even though reviled Comcast isn't there): three cable companies and two cell phone companies. There were two airlines and two banks, as well.


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  1. WOW! My name is Sarah.
    As a Dish employee, I'm truly surprised to see that we are 10 on the list. We have lower prices then Direct. We host HD Free for life to all customer and not just new. We have to better customer service then Direct and have 24/7 customer care. We have to state all fees in the disclosures we read to you. So if an agent missed one or the customer did not hear the agent, we record the calls.