Saturday, January 1, 2011

OK, So Was It Really Miley Cyrus?

OK, so tell me if you know (or if maybe I'm nuts): Why do the lead characters in the Disney animated movie "Tangled" (based on the Rapunzel tale) look so much like Jake Gyllenhaal and Miley Cyrus with the extra added attraction of Rapunzel's mother looking--and sounding--like Lena Horne? (Couldn't have been Lena, since she died in May and even with the opportunity, she was 92 and hardly up for a movie role.)

The animated characters were dead ringers for the trio and I thought all the way through that Cyrus and Gyllenhall had played the part. We sat for far too long to find out who was mimicking Lena Horne only to find out a couple of people named Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and (Tony Award winner) Donna Murphy, none of whom is familiar to me. Upon examination of their real-life photos, Levi could have modeled for the animated character he plays and Murphy's not a stretch. Don't see much resemblance to Moore, though.

I will say that the animation was marvelous, especially the depictions of the golden hair, which looked just like an exaggerated impression of my granddaughter's ample mane. Animation has become so good that I often have trouble differentiating between it and live action in movies that use both. Anyhow, if anybody else saw Hanna Montana and Jake in the movie let me know. My sanity is at issue.

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  1. I thought the same thing. Google proved me wrong.