Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Best Line from a Bowl Game

I'm almost over Tennessee's loss (?) to North Carolina Thursday night in one of those bowl games that had no business being played. The result--for the second time this season--didn't actually occur until after the game was actually over. I'm not going to get into a peeing contest about all that went wrong on that last regulation play, but the whole thing led to a great line, probably the best of the bowl season:

"Tennessee finished 6-2 in games it won."

I can't attribute it because I don't know who wrote it, but I saw it on Twitter. My guess is it came from one of those Tennessee newspapers.

(Knoxville News-Sentinel photo.)


  1. Dan - the exact line is "Tennessee is now 6-2 in games they won this year." Great, great line, and can be attributed to Seth Emerson, a beat writer for UGA of all things.

  2. Jeff: The exact quote is ungrammatical ("they" is plural, "Tennessee" is singular), but it's still a great quote. Thank you for the source and the proper quote.