Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Social Network for Scots and Would-be Scots

Social networking may be getting out of hand. I just got a press release from that informs me I'm eligible to become part of its network of people with a Scottish connection.

I thought at first these lovely people had looked into my family tree and found the Buchanans and McCourrys (Macquarrie, in the original Scots), but my guess now is that because I live on Edinburgh Drive, I'm eligible. Pretty loose requirements upon investigation (as you can tell from the naked woman, Loch Ness mini-monster and the Scottish Terrier).

The press release tells me there are "seven times more people of Scottish decent living outside Scotland than inside," but that if I like scotch whiskey that's enough in itself to qualify me.

Here's the explanation: "KILTR brings together 40 million Scots worldwide to network online and tap into the vast knowledge, experience and opportunity offered by the Scottish community, which is renowned as canny and entrepreneurial in business. The company has recently closed a Series A round of financing with Par Equity of Edinburgh [the city, not my block] as the lead investor."

"Unlike other social networks, where people may find themselves connected to
strangers with no common interests, KILTR uses a built-in search and recommendation
engine that pushes relevant opportunities to the users. The site is focused on
delivering valuable business and networking opportunities to members. Professionals,
entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, clubs and societies can immediately get
started networking with others who have a known shared connection or affinity for

So, there you have it. Scots being stingy and entrepreneurial together. Slainte Mhath to ye (that would be "cheers" in a bar).

(Illustration by Willy Pogany. Found on

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