Friday, December 3, 2010

Governor's Rep: Yay Pollution!

Virginia Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources Maureen Matson opens the conference with a robust endorsement of--gulp!--coal.^

This Thaxton Elementary School class has a booth and its teacher, Viola Henry was presented an award.^

Virginia's Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources, Maureen Matson gave the launching speech at the Energy Expo this morning by apparently forgetting who she was talking to. Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell's energy advisor told the crowd that we should not forget the importance of coal to the economy of Virginia and to employment, but she didn't mention that it pollutes the bejesus out of the planet.

Matson also gave a tacit endorsement of "fracking," a controversial method of extracting naturla gas from shale and surrounding water. It has vast potential for both helping solve the energy problem and intensifying it at the same time.

Going to be an interesting day.

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