Monday, December 13, 2010

Cuccinelli's Business Pal: The Judge Who Ruled in His Favor

If you're still wondering how in the world Virginia judge Henry Hudson's opinion in favor of Ken Cuccinelli's lawsuit could be justified, get a load of this from the Huffington Post. The inbreeding among Republicans in a position to have an impact on our future is simply astonishing.

The Bush-appointed judge who ruled in favor of Cuccinnelli offered up no surprises, given the circumstances, the deep financial ties, the phil0sophical underpinnings that obviate any pretense of impartiality. These Bush judges are not traditional jurists. They are what the right has screamed about for years: judicial activists on steroids.

Bush's leavings--aside from our lovely economy--include a lot of federal judges who will push his programs and his bent philosophy forward, regardless of what Americans want (and what they want is to be rid of Bush forever).

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  1. One can only hope that the ties would be enough to have the decision over turned.