Sunday, November 7, 2010

Literary Lounge Packs the House at Studio Roanoke

Keith, Jeanne and me after the show.^

Your favorite editor reading from CLOG!.^

Jeanne Larsen reads from her new book of poetry.^

Keith Ferrell's new novel has some elements of the tone of a Poe work.^

Tonight's Literary Lounge at Studio Roanoke packed the house for a reading from new or developing works by Hollins-based poet and novelist Jeanne Larsen, author Keith Ferrell and your favorite editor.

Keith read from his new novel--about a murder that did or didn't take place--while Jeanne read poems from her brand new book and I read from CLOG!, my new novel about a competition square dance team.

It was an appreciative crowd that Matt Williams put together for this first Sunday of the month and Matt says this is the biggest house the Lounge has drawn to date. I heard a number of people asking when the next one is and I suspect that there will be some growth.

After we read, about seven members of the audience read from their developing works and there was a strong feeling of community in the evening. I love this stuff.


  1. I am so bummed to have missed this. Alas, I had a houseful of family and we didn't get back from Floyd until late. I hope there will be a next time. This sounds like a wonderful event and a great place for writers to share work-in-progress.

  2. A lovely, lively evening, and I was delighted to have been asked to read, and even more delighted to have heard so many fine works by others.