Monday, November 15, 2010

Annie Johnson Leaving Business Journal

My friend and colleague Annie Johnson, the reporter for the Blue Ridge Business Journal, has announced in a letter to "friends and colleagues" that she is leaving for a new gig with the Nashville Business Journal beginning Dec. 6.

I've known Annie since she was in college at Randolph Macon Woman's College (now Randolph College) when she covered Lynchburg for us (I was still editor of the BRBJ) while still a student. She was one of the best writer/reporters we had then and continues to be a promising talent whom you'll hear from in the future.

Annie was hired by the local daily newspaper in Roanoke right out of college, but she was underused and ultimately went to D.C. to work for Congressional Quarterly, where she reported on the government in action. You can still see the holdover of that assignment in her reporting for the BRBJ, which is heavily tinted with government reporting.

In her note, Annie said she'll "be the new economic development reporter ... My decision to leave Roanoke was not an easy one. I have come to love this town and the people thaqt live here. The regional business community is a vibrant one and there are plenty of stories to tell. During my time at the BRBJ, I've encountered some incredibly bright community and business leaders that have given me significant portions of their time and healthy doses of patience ... But in the end, the call to a larger media market and the opportunity to continue progressing in this industry, which has faced its challenges was far too great. I appreciate your time, support and friendship." Her last day at the BRBJ will be Dec. 3.

Good luck, Annie, though I doubt luck will have much to do with it. I'm proud of you.

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  1. Nashville's gain is Roanoke's loss, of course, and while Annie's reportorial voice and exuberance will be missed in the Business Journal, her literal voice will be missed on Weekend Virginia.

    Best of luck, Annie! And keep in touch!

  2. That's Nashville, Dan, not Nasheville.

  3. And so it is. I'm from AshEville and I make that error all the time. Sorry.