Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Arts Council Gets Ready for the Big Show

Your favorite editor with the lovely Arts Council MVP Rhonda Hale, one of my favorite people.^

St. Lo, France, artist Jane Motin and her family preserve a memory.^

This table featured Roanoke's Davidson family (that's Larry and his wife Janice in the center).^

My pal Cara Modisett was part of the musical entertainment. She also talked about her new downtown show "Music After Midnight," which debuts soon (too late for me).^

These are some of Dave Wertz' horses.^

Annie Waldrop did this appealing layout.^

Suzun Hughes (standing) admires the work of her buddy Darcy Meeker.^

This is the work of Brizilian artist Patricia Secco.^

Talented Charlie Brouwer of Willis did the tower at the right.^

Couldn't figure out who did the dolls, but they're a little scary.^

This was my favorite piece and I have no clue who did it. Good though, huh?^

The ArtView VIP Dinner tonight gave a marvelous preview of the city's first international art show, featuring artists from Roanoke's sister cities. The show runs Friday-Sunday at the Special Events Center (which I prefer to call the Special Events Garage, since it looks like one) and if what we saw tonight is any indication of the level of talent ... well, go see for yourself. It costs $8.

There are a number of local, regional and foreign artists taking part, but the spotlight is on the artists from Roanoke's in Russia, Poland, Korea, France and Brazil.


  1. It was great talking with you over dinner. Can't wait for your book. The art show was exceptional!

    Janice Dinkins Davidson

  2. You are a fascinating woman, Miss Janice. Your love of people, of life and of giving of yourself is inspiring. Larry's a lucky man.

  3. Wow! Thanks Dan. It's so nice to work with professionals in the field! What an amazing presentation of the show and recognition of our artists and supporters. THANK YOU!!!

    Gosh, and you look MARVELOUS in your tux!