Friday, October 29, 2010

DRI Blows It On Halloween Contest

Downtown Roanoke Inc.'s mis-fire in not scheduling the 2010 Halloween costume contest on Roanoke City Market can be forgiven once, but if it happens again next year, there's a chance there will be a "trick" in DRI's goodie bag. I'll put it there.

The contest, which drew at least the three ghouls pictured here (they said they didn't hear a word about it not being held and went to a lot of trouble to dress up), has been a popular fixture at noon, drawing not only a big crowd, but plenty of press coverage. I went down, camera in hand, only to be disappointed.

It's a fixture, DRI. Get with the program. The little trick-or-treat dealie you sponsored last week was a problem on two fronts: it was a week off and nobody cares. Let's give the adults a chance to share the holiday.


  1. That is a shame that they didn't have the contest. I know those zombies were pretty bummed out about it.

  2. Or, is that those bums were zombied about it?