Monday, October 18, 2010

CityWorks Features Minnis Ridenour

Developer Ed Walker, one of Roanoke’s real Renaissance Men, is having a series of discussions at his office that are open to the public and are not only free, but come with beer and wine. His next iteration of what he’s calling CityWorks is a 30-minute conversation with Minnis Ridenour (right) set within a one-hour (5-6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 19) block.

Here’s what Ed says:

"Minnis Ridenour, is the former COO of Virginia Tech. This will be one of the best Q&As this year because Minnis is one of the most exceptional leaders in Virginia of the last 50 years. As they say in Blacksburg, 'Presidents come and go but Minnis remains.'

"Even now, five years after retirement, he is as active as ever advancing the causes of higher education, leadership, integrity, arts and design, good government, and sophisticated commerce. To me, he is a giant in our midst and is generous to make this time available.

"For those interested in how Roanoke and Blacksburg work together to achieve great things in the coming decades, don't miss this."

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