Friday, July 31, 2009

Seems to Me I've Heard That Song Before

That's today's Nation & World section on the left, Tuesday's Extra section on the right

This a.m., we are greeted on Page 7 of The Roanoke Times (Nation & World) with the same story that ran on Page 6 of the Extra (features) section Tuesday, the one about the North Carolina woman in her 80s who is a pioneer at yoga.

The headline and deck head (that little explanation before the story opens) are different--indicating that different editors handled the stories--but the story and photo are the same. Communication seems to be lacking in this communications company.

If this sounds familiar, please see this blog 10 days ago. The Times' repetition virus is affecting me, too.


  1. Damn you are quick - I thought I'd seen that before - maybe they are trying to see if they can drive us crazy by screwing with our memories!

    Thanks for the post - damn good.

  2. Kurt: This was another Christina find. She reads the paper religiously every day (much closer, it would appear, than do The Times copy desk people). She finds a lot more than I post. Like so many good copy desk people, Christina is no longer with The Times. So she catches the mistakes and tells me.