Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Birthday Party for Anne's Handshake 2.0

Handshake2.0's Anne Clelland (left) chats with some friends, including Cory Donovan of NCTC at tonight's birthday party in Blacksburg^

A year ago today Anne Clelland set out to face the world on her terms with Handshake2.0, a social media business that has grown by leaps and possibly even bounds in 2009.

Anne is an infectious, invigorating woman who deals in the possible and is one of the reasons I'm sitting here writing a blog tonight when I could be finishing that Jason Bourne novel sitting over there on my new sofa. It was she who said, no, Dan, you're not too old to learn it; yes, Dan, you will like it; and yes, Dan, you should be good at it.

I don't know about the last prediction, but she sure hit the first two and I'm not the only so-affected soul. Anne has brought along an entire community--especially in Blacksburg at VTKnowledgeWorks--to her communications revolution.

In addition to Handshake2.0, Anne, a former journalist (among many other things) writes a fine column for Valley Business FRONT and this month (July) she was named the Contributor of the Issue. When you consider the writers who contribute to our publication, that's quite an accomplishment.

So, tonight, we raise a glass to Anne and all her successes. May you have many more, ma'am.

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