Friday, July 17, 2009

Looks Like Doug's Not Retiring, Either

(Update: In a response to this post, Executive Editor Carole Tarrant of The Roanoke Times makes a flat denial, which is a good thing, and tells you what a bunch of crap this blog is, which is certainly true from her perspective. Hope Doug's around a long time. He's a dandy.)

In an ad promoting his online show in today's Roanoke Times, there's a hint that sports writer Doug Doughty is planning to announce his retirement this week. At least that's what I take from "at the end of the show, watch for a surprising conclusion regarding Mr. Doughty's tenure at The Roanoke Times." The big surprise would be if he didn't retire, I'll admit. Could be he'll be the new sports editor, an administration position with no writing duties ... which would fit Doug like a dress.

In retirement, Doug (who's been at The Times for more than 35 years) would join a long list of solid veterans who've been lost during the last three years under publisher Debbie Meade as The Times cut expenses to try to remain viable. I worked with him for some years at The Times and always found him to be a professional, caring guy.

He still keeps up with former sports writers like they're family and is constantly sending out e-mails about births, deaths, illness, babies, children's accomplishments and the like. Good guy. Good newsman.


  1. Like a lot of things on this blog, this is flat wrong. Doug is not retiring. Hear it from me, ask Doug, watch this week's Sports TimesCast ( or read the newsroom blog posting ( Facts are available. Maybe next time you'll make the effort to find them.
    -- Carole Tarrant

  2. Ms. Tarrant:

    Didn't say he was retiring. Said that was my guess. That's called speculation and it's a blog. It's sport.

  3. And just how many of your speculations have proven to be accurate so far?