Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dan Casey's Article is Spot-On

Dan Casey, the best metro columnist The Roanoke Times has had since I've lived in the Valley (moved here in 1971), wrote a solid piece this a.m. (here) about my difficulties with the DMV's draconian approach to breaking its rules.

It appears the problem has been solved to the degree it can be--at an extreme cost that will stretch to over $1,000 very soon ($2,000 if you consider lost income)--but I'm meeting with Del. Sam Rasoul of the Virginia House of Delegates this afternoon to see if anything can be done legislatively to modify the strange and unfair laws/rules regulating the responsibility for automobiles' insurance in this often-repressive state.

I was partially at fault in this, but my fault was based on an almost complete lack of information from the DMV, the various insurance companies and anybody else I dealt with during the process. I'm not sure most of the workers in those agencies understand the rules and regulations here. The employees are good people who are only following their directives and can't give me information they don't have. Most of them were surprised at my dilemma. But they couldn't help because they didn't have the info and didn't know where to get it.

I'm hoping we can get this law clarified. It is vague and truly unfair. Meanwhile, let me offer one piece of advice that comes at great expense: Don't co-sign a loan for anybody (not even your spouse or your child) until you know all of the ramifications. There are big holes on the road in this one.

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