Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day: Before and After the Construction

OK, babies, here's the deal: before and after X-rays of my newly-repaired knee, shot today in Phillip Patterson's office as I went in for my post-op two-weeks anniversary. Impressive, huh? Note how crooked the repaired knee is in the bottom photo and how straight in the top.

The bright white stuff in the upper photo is plastic and metal, which went into re-capping and padding a knee that has been problematic for nearly 50 years. I've been bitching about pain and discomfort for about two weeks, but these pix make the boo-boo feel better and help my overall outlook a lot.

My doc used to be an internist and said he changed specialties because there was such uncertainty in that field. Nothing was ever finished. These pictures, he says, are a good example of what he means. It was broken. It is fixed. Next.


  1. I know this is a hard recovery but I've heard, with diligent therapy, it can be miraculous. My mother needs this surgery badly - I know the pain that leads down this road is no picnic either. Wishing you a successful recovery. Thinking about you Dan!

    Katy Seib

  2. Dan, this is possibly the best picture of you I've ever seen! It represents a very promising tomorrow...