Friday, August 10, 2012

Headline of the Day: Run Up the Score on the Repubs

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This is from The Daily Kos and writer Markos "kos" Moulitsas says the evidence is strong that Democrats not only will keep the presidency and the Senate, but have a shot at the House in the fall. Here's what he says, in part (the rest is here):

"Their billions and their candidates aren't getting it done. Democrats have improved their standing with voters the entire summer and are poised to hold firm in the Senate and comfortably keep the White House. Even the House is coming into play, and worst case scenario, we'll chop that Republican majority down significantly.

"Democrats are campaigning with a swagger, having fun. They know they've got the advantage. Republicans are in genuine disarray (release the tax returns! Don't release the tax returns!), trying to back a candidate they despise while keeping a lid on the Tea Party crazies."

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